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Centre for Effective Altruism

co-founder and president

The Centre for Effective Altruism helps to grow and maintain the effective altruism movement. Our mission is to

  • create a global community of people who have made helping others a core part of their lives, and who use evidence and scientific reasoning to figure out how to do so as effectively as possible; and
  • make the advancement of the wellbeing of all a worldwide intellectual project, doing for the pursuit of good what the Scientific Revolution did for the pursuit of truth.

80,000 Hours

Co-founder and President

80,000 Hours was founded in October 2011 to help people like you use the 80,000 hours you’ve got in your career to make a difference: we provide life-changing one-on-one career coaching to exceptional individuals, produce in-depth research on the careers that do the most to solve the world’s most pressing problems, and have a global community of like-minded world-changers.

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Giving What We Can


Giving What We Can is a community creating a culture of giving more, and giving more effectively. Our members come from many different walks of life, but are united in a desire to do something about the world's most pressing problems. We see that our comparative wealth can prevent a significant amount of suffering if only we allow it to do so, and thus we have each taken the Pledge to Give: we will give at least 10% of our incomes to wherever we think it will do the most to improve the lives of others