Have the greatest possible impact
with your career.


In Doing Good Better William MacAskill applies data and scientific reasoning to the normally sentimental world of doing good, to introduce a new concept: Effective Altruism. With data as his compass, MacAskill sets out a practical guide to increasing your impact through your charity, career, volunteering, and choice of cause.

"A data nerd after my own heart."
Bill Gates

In Doing Good Better, you'll learn...


Why some charities do 1,000x more good with their donations than others

What contributes to a career that is both fulfilling and high-impact


How you can take evidence-based action against global poverty 

Available today in the UK, and August 2nd in the US

"MacAskill tackles a monumental question: how can we make the biggest difference for the greatest number of people? His answer is a grand vision to make giving, volunteering, spending, and working more worthwhile."
Adam Grant,
Class of 1965 Wharton Professor of Management at Wharton School, author of Give and Take